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General Objective:​

Organizing the employment market through the implementation of the labor rules & regulations, planning the human resources and developing it, in addition to, the settlement of labor disputes in the private sector.


Our Vision

To maintain effective labor market that helps create productive and sustainable job opportunities attracting national workforce.


Our mission

  • Provide principal mechanisms to achieve an efficient and prosperous labor market.
  • Manage structural abnormalities between national and foreign workers.
  • Increase Saudization quotas by providing productive and fulfilling employment in the private sector.
  • Develop the skills of Saudi national workers.
  • Take care of workers and their families through social protection schemes. 


The Mandate:

  • Creating the public policy of the labor affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the Islamic principles and social justice, in order to achieve the full use, the opportunities of the stable remunerable jobs for the citizens, preparing the work conditions and relations in order to increase the production, improve the living standards and consolidating the human relations between the employers.
  • Considering and discussing the labor topics and problems within the domain of the social and economic plans and projects in association with the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Making the plans and policies related to the employment of the Saudi citizens and the Saudization in the private sector establishments in the light of what has been stated in the labor rule &regulation, the resolution number (5o) of the council of the ministers dated 21/04/1415, and the other resolutions and instructions related to this affair.
  • Supervision of recruiting, transferring of services, hiring the manpower and issuing work permits for the manpower to enable it to work for the private sector establishments and issuing licenses of the national recruitment offices.
  • Making the policies concerning the work inspection, observing the implementation of the labor rule & regulation and advising the employers to its provisions requirements.
  • Creating a data base for the Saudi labor market including the data of the employees who work for the private sector whether they are Saudis or non-Saudis.
  • Discussing and suggesting the means leading to making and coordination of the social services distribution for the labors, supervising its execution  and spreading its means, preparing the rules and regulations, services, and resolutions that  carry execute it.
  • Following up the execution of the projects and the programs that are pertained to work affairs and exert the best endeavors to achieve these joint objectives in this respect in cooperation with the government authorities.
  • Preparing the labor statistic researches, executing and releasing it results in cooperation with the general statistics and information division.
  • Following up and correcting the plans, projects and programs that have been executed, regarding  the labor affairs and preparing the reports & data pertaining to it.
  • Discussing the means of organizing the relations and ties with the Arab countries, foreign countries, international & regional organizations regarding labor affairs, including  swap and exchange of experience, information specialist experts, delegating delegations and taking the procedures of concluding the agreements that enable to achieve this objective within the domain of the  general policy of the country after consulting the competent authorities.
  • Organizing the participation in the conferences, regional, Arab and international seminars related to the area of specialty, and preparation to hold similar international conferences by coordinating with the competent authorities.


Last Updated:
05 May 2016