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Social Insurance Pension Service

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    Service description

    The social insurance pension is defined as: the payment of a certain amount of money on a monthly basis for the beneficiaries where funds allocated for this program are raised from Zakah. Benefiting from this program is restricted to Saudis who live permanently in K.S.A and meet the social insurance system conditions. However , the condition of being of a Saudi national is excepted in the following cases:
    - Non-Saudi wife who is married to a Saudi husband or his widow who has children from him.
    - The Saudi widow’s children who were born to a non-Saudi father (foreigner). Those with disabilities, widows with orphans and orphans who do not have Saudi nationality documents and who have mobility cards, also benefit from the provisions of the social insurance regulations.

    In addition to that there are other  social groups who can benefit from this program and those are:

    1. Old- age people either male or female
    2. Divorced women with or without children
    3. Widows with or without children

    Required Documents

    The type of documents required will appear based on the beneficiary category

    Service Steps

    1. The beneficiary should meet the conditions of one of the targeted groups.
    2. The beneficiary should meet the eligibility conditions of the social insurance pension.
    3. In case the beneficiary is eligible to apply for the social security pension , he/she should fill in the following application information:
      1. The family breadwinner’s information (if found).
      2. Income statements.
      3. The family information.
      4. Bank account data.
      5. Attachment of required documents and their data.
    4. The beneficiary then submits the application and follows up on (My applications) until a decision is made about his/her application.

    Service Level Agreement

    Time Anticipated to Close the Request: 30 days

    If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

    Service Statistics

    The number of queries within 30 days


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    Service Manual

    دليل المستخدم لخدمة معاش الضمان.pdf

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