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Nationalization of indoor malls supports al-Qassim entrepreneurs’ participation in labor market: MLSD says

القائمة الجانبية
    The Ministry of Labor and Social Development emphasized the decision to make jobs at indoor malls exclusive for Saudi men and women in the al-Qassim region. The ministry said the move supports entrepreneurs, as well as encouraging their participation in this vital and important sector. The ministry added its affiliating entities offer training, rehabilitation and employment support for those who pursue career in the indoor shopping centers, which raises national workforce’s participation in the labor market, regulate and develop the market and close gabs between jobs occupied by expatriate workers. The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and Social Development Bank (SDB) have designed training and rehabilitation programs and loans for Saudi entrants. These programs are in cooperation with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), ensuring high localization in the sector. Meanwhile, MLSD, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Ministry of Commerce along with the Governorate of al-Qassim are launching inspection campaigns on these centers in order to implement the total nationalization of the indoor malls in the region and ensure employers’ compliance to replacing expats with Saudi nationals and curbing cover-up business. MLSD said the decision is in a bid to increase Saudi workforce’s participation in the labor market and nationalize jobs in the private sector with the aim of targeting various shops in the malls, generating decent work and rewarding benefits for Saudi nationals in the al-Qassim region. The ministry and its affiliates have also formulated public-private partnership to provide transportation and childcare centers for Saudi females employed at these malls, MLSD said in a bid to ensure suitable work environment and career stability for them.

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