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Dr. al-Ghafis unveils five new programs in bid to empower Saudi nationals in the labor market

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    H.E. Minister of Labor and Social Development Dr. Ali bin Nasser al-Ghafis unveiled on Tuesday five new programs to support and empower Saudi men and women in the labor market and raise their participation in the midst of a proper, decent and stable work environment. These newly-established programs include enterprise growth program, freelance program, part-time job program, children hospitality program ‘Qurrah’ and transportation program for working women ‘Wusool’. At the launching ceremony that took place at MLSD HQ, Dr. al-Ghafis said the ministry is working to develop the labor market, empower the young people and increase job opportunities for them, which is in strategic and effective partnership with a number of government and private sectors. The minister pointed out the new support programs will empower Saudi nationals to invest and take part in the national economic development as per the National Transformation Program 2020, which comes as part of the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. Meanwhile, Director General of the Human Resources Development Fund Dr. Saleh Al-Amr represented the five support programs to the participants, pointing out the enterprise growth program will boost growth in employment of Saudi men and women in the private sector, reduce local recruitment expenses and raise women’s participation in the labor market. Al-Amr clarified the establishment will be committed under the enterprise growth program to providing job-on-the-training for Saudis as HRDF pays a percentage of insurance subscription. Al-Amr said the freelance program targets male and female entrepreneurs and independent business owners, adding it aims to provide social protection for freelance workers in order to raise national workforce amid a proper and motivating work environment with ensuring productivity and development. The DG clarified the freelance program allows freelance workers to freely subscribe with the GOSI as HRDF will pay for a percentage of their insurance subscriptions for two years, which are directly sent on a monthly basis to the organization. Al-Amr urged entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals to register with the freelance program through (https://freelance.910ths.sa) in order to issue freelance documents, urging them to get their business known and join the electronic market and benefit from services offered at these platforms. As for the part-time job program, Al-Amr said the program aims to encourage the private-sector establishments to activate part-time job mechanism, expand options for job seekers and reduce local recruitment expenses as HRDF also supports a percentage of monthly insurance subscriptions for new employees, which will be sent directly to GOSI. He added both the ‘Qurrah’ and ‘Wusool’ programs target working women and help them to overcome challenges, saying the children hospitality program and transportation program are in a bid to empower Saudi women and increase their participation in the market and job stability.

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