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Tuesday 30 Rabi Al-Akhar 1437
تاريخ أخر تحديث: 17/02/1434 02:01 م 


This website is devoted to expats residing in Saudi Arabia and working for entities that are classified in Red or Yellow range according to Nitaqat program from the Ministry of Labor, and now they are looking for jobs to transfer their services to entities in Excellent or Green Nitaq.

After Nitaqat introduction, expats residing in Saudi Arabia and working for Red entities (low job nationalization entities) are not allowed to renew their work permits with the current employer; they have to find a new entity within Green or Excellent Nitaq. This website has jobs posted by Excellent and Green entities that will allow expats working in Red to transfer to these entities and continue to work in Saudi Arabia.

For expats working on Yellow Nitaq entities, starting 23rd of Feb 2012 their work permit renewal will be conditional to their tenure in Saudi Arabia; if they stayed less than 6 years in Saudi then they can renew their work permit with the current employer. However, if they stayed 6 years or more in Saudi then they need to find a new employer in Excellent or Green Nitaq.

Expats working in Red or Yellow entities can find jobs in Excellent and Green Entities by visiting this website or by calling 920011884.


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