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Enterprise Information Management

The Enterprise Information Management System enables viewing and searching all data pertinent to enterprises; like enterprise labor, transactions. warnings, remarks and enterprise data particulars.

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Work Permit Service

The Enterprise Information Management System is inclusive to Work Permit Issuance Service, through the e-portal of the Ministry of Labor. It should be mentioned that the issuance of a work permit constitutes a basic requirement to the issuance of a residence permit for expatriate workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabic.

The service includes:

-       Work Permit Issuance

-       Work Permit Renewal

-       Replacement Work Permit Issuance

Recruitment Service

Using this service, you can build your own resume, and enter your personal, educational, and work experience data, to help employers be introduced to your educational and work abilities, to be able to select the proper job which you can be recruited for.

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