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Tuesday 30 Rabi Al-Akhar 1437

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The overall objective:

Organizing employment of workforce through implementation of the Labour Law, human recourses planning and development and settlement of the labour disputes in the private sector.


1- Developing the general labour policy in the Kingdom within the general policy of the state and in accordance with the Islamic principles and social justice with the aim of providing our citizens with perfect employment solutions and permanent and fair job opportunities. In addition, the Ministry also seeks to prepare Labour conditions and relationships in such a way that improves productivity, living standard, and strengthens the human relationships between employers and employees.

2- Studying the Labour -related issues and problems within the framework of the plans and projects of the economic and social development in collaboration with the concerned authorities in the Kingdom.

3- Developing employment plans and policies for the Saudis and executing Saudization of jobs in the private sector in the light of the directives included in the Labour Law and Council of Ministers’ resolution No. (50) dated 21/04/1415 H, as well as the other relevant decisions and directives.

4- Supervising recruitment of the expatriate workers, service transference, employment of the workforce, and issuance of work licenses in the private sector as well as licenses of the local expatriate recruitment offices.

5- Developing policies of work inspection, monitoring implementation of the Labour Law, and enlightening employers about requirements of its texts.

6- Developing a database of the labour market in the Kingdom that includes data about the Saudis and the non-Saudis working in the private sector.

7- Making suggestions concerning the proper means for coordinating distribution of the social services to the workers and supervising implementation of this process, in addition to distribution of its methods, and drafting the regulations, providing the services and making the decisions that are necessary for its implementation.

8- Follow-up of execution of the projects and programs that are related to labour affairs, as well as seeking to achieve the common objectives in this respect in collaboration with the concerned official authorities taking into consideration their competencies and powers.

9- Preparing and publishing the statistical labour researches in coordination with the Central Department of Statistics & Information.

10- Following up on and evaluating the executed plans, projects, and programs that are related to labour affairs and the relevant reports and information.

11- Discussing and studying the ways of organizing relations with the Arab and foreign countries, the international organizations, and the regional (Arab and foreign) bodies concerning the labour affairs. This includes exchange of experience, information and experts as well as dispatching delegations and entering into agreements that achieve these objectives within the general policy of the state and in coordination with the concerned Saudi authorities.

12- Organizing participation in the regional (Arab and international) conferences and seminars that discuss issues related to responsibilities of the Ministry, and preparing for holding such regional conference in collaboration with the concerned authorities.



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